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Sugar Skull Decal Kit

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  • Adorn your Kitchenaid Stand Mixer with these adorable Sugar Skull decals that celebrate Dia De Los Muertos (The day of the Dead).
  • You can use these decals to create your own design on your mixer or apply them as we've shown here.
  • You may have decals left over that you can apply to other smooth surfaces in your kitchen.
  • These decals are made with high quality waterproof vinyl and will last for many years. Can be removed at any time without leaving residue behind.

What's included:

  • 30 BLACK Damask Decals in various shapes
  • 30 SILVER Paisley Decals in various shapes
  • 1 Large Sugar Skull for the top of your mixer 
  • 6 Medium Sugar Skulls
  • 6 Small Sugar Skulls
  • 5 Large Flower Decals
  • 7 Medium Flower Decals
  • 8 Small Flower Decals 
  • *Mixer is not included