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Just Love Skulls Car Headlights

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Product details

  • 5-8-Day UPS Express Shipping within the United States
  • The Headlight Covers Are Made from Thick Polycarbonate Plastic, Are Extremely Strong, Clear Like Glass and Just As Strong As Your Headlight Itself.
  • Skull Headlight Covers are a great accessory for your Custom Car, Truck, Hot Rod,
  • These amazing accessories fit 5.75-inch / 7-inch headlights popular from the late 30s through the 70s — Any vehicle with a 5.75- inch/7-inch headlight.
  • The headlight covers are made from thick polycarbonate plastic, are extremely strong, clear like glass and just as strong as your headlight itself.
  • The skull headlight covers hold up extremely well from hot halogen lights to UV sunlight — they don’t melt or crack.
  • Easy to install – It’s as easy as changing your headlight. Easy to follow instructions included and the only tool needed is a screwdriver.
  • The covers are easy to clean — use soap and water and a microfiber cloth. While not required, you can apply plastic polish for clear plastic. We’ve used spray-on detail wax to keep them looking sharp.